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Spanking Massage

February 8th 2018

My favourite past times change all the time.  Just recently one of my most favourite things to do is to combine impact play into a massage.  What happens when you combine impact play with sensual massage?  Well you could get a Spanking massage!  Let me tell you all about spanking massage:

Spanking Massage:  Why do people like it?

F​​​​​​​​​​or some people spanking is the first sexual contact that they receive in their life.  This might sound strange but your bum (which is where most people get their first spank) is very close to the sexual organs.  The impact of a spank is pretty sharp and intense so can cause a sense of arousal and connection.  It is said that our  core erotic theme  stems from the first five sexual experiences we have within our lives.  Another perspective is catharsis.   Catharsis from spanking can take many different forms.  Some people say a spanking can feel like they are receiving a fair punishment for something they feel guilty about.  Something they have gotten away with every day life.  A person may not even know where this guilt stems from.  But a sense of catharsis can still be felt. 
   Another perspective is that being spanked can also trigger heavy emotions that are stored within the body. (Hmmm... how emotions get stored within the cells of the body and the effect they can have on our lives, A blog coming later about this) For instance the repetitive pain of spanking can trigger some sadness from a past event.  This pain can then be released through a good cry or a wail.  And as the giver of the spankings I love to hear this heartfelt and authentic expression from you!  These are just some of the reasons a person may love a good spanking.  I'm sure the reasons are endless.  I would love to hear your reasons for enjoying it if you care to share!  

Spanking Massage:  What happens in a Spanking Massage?

I am sure that there are as many variations to spanking massage, as ​there are people that offer it.  There are several ways I like to give spanking massage. For instance: I could combine soft textures and relaxation as part of the session. If this is something you'd like I would want you to really sink into a delightful space that feels super comfortable and safe.  Soft whispers in your ear, gentle caresses on your face and body, hot oil slathered all over your skin  as you begin to surrender into a beautiful and still space.  In between these gentle caresses I could begin to introduce the odd spank.  Just to keep you on your toes. These spanks begin to get more regular as the massage goes on.    Or we could begin the session with a series of hard spanks before moving into softer touch with warm oil.  We can use rhythmic spanks to take you into a trance like state or subspace.   The possibilities with spanking massage are endless.  A conversation at the beginning of the session will ensure you get what you want.  Or deserve!  
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