Tantric Massage for Couples
Couple's Massage in London, Bristol and Salisbury

Re-ignite & enhance the spark in your relationship by learning Tantric techniques together. 

 I offer unique Tantric couple's massage sessions tailored specifically to your needs.  A couple's massage session in London is a great way to enhance sensuality and playfulness in your relationship.  During a couple's massage session you will learn more techniques to give pleasure to one another.  This will take the form of massage and Tantric rituals designed to help you connect on a deeper level to your partner. Learn how to bring romantic lovemaking and heartfelt connection into your relationship with a session of Tantric massage for couples.  You can both receive a four hand Tantric massage while I teach massage to you & your partner.  In a couple's massage session you will learn about:

  • Creating sacred space and Tantric ritual.  Bring the romance and heartfelt connection back into your relationship by learning about sacred space and Tantric ritual.  In Tantra we honour one another as Goddess and God.  We begin to bring this level of respect into our connection by creating a sacred space.

  • Tantric energy: using breath, movement and sound to enhance pleasure.  Learn to enhance pleasure in your lovemaking by harnessing the power of Tantric energy.  Learn to use breath to enhance sensation and relax the body.  Learn about the importance of sound and movement to maximize pleasure.

  • How to give bathing rituals and sensory journeys.  Bring playfulness and sensuality back into your relationship with bathing rituals and sensory journeys.  Learn how to heighten sensuality and presence with these rituals.  

  • Exploring different types of touch - conscious, loving touch and many more.  Intention is of upmost importance when it comes to great lovemaking and giving great touch.  In Tantra we honour one another by being utterly present in every caress.  Learn more about giving conscious, loving touch to your partner.

  • Tantric anatomy.  Within every cell of the body is the memory of our lives.  Some areas are hold emotional trauma which can be released with massage.  Some areas are deeply erogenous.  Learn more about Tantric anatomy with Tantric couple's massage..

  • Massaging the body, giving pleasure to your lover through massage.  I have been a massage therapist for over twenty years.  I will teach you basic techniques of sensual and holistic massage to share with your partner to enhance pleasure.

  • Sacred Yoni and Lingham massage.  Learn how to truly honour the Goddess and God in your relationship with Sacred Yoni and Lingham massage techniques.  We are often encouraged in this day and age to be in a rush to orgasm, to be goal orientated.   The beauty of Tantric massage is the time taken and the love put into every caress.  There is no pressure to be anything but in your pleasure.  Experiencing regular sacred Yoni and Lingham massage will re-sensitize your body and take you to new ecstatic heights within your lovemaking.  

Other additions to your tantric couple's massage session could include:

  • Anal/rosebud massage The anus is packed with nerve endings and is a portal of pleasure.  Learn how to give gentle pleasure to this sensitive place.

  • Tie and Tease - Add the dimension of power play in your relationship by learning mild BDSM skills and techniques to enhance your lovemaking.  Find out more about my Tie and Tease sessions here

Tantric couple's massage - 1.5 hours - 320
Tantric couple's massage - 2 hours - 440
Tantric couple's massage - 2.5 hours - 560
Tantric couple's massage - 3 hours - 680

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