Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage and Sensuality: The Benefits:

A lot of the sessions I offfer are based on sensuality.  I choose to work with sensuality because I feel it is the best way to reach every aspect of a person.  Sensual massage goes a lot further than removing tension from the muscles of a body.   In a sensual massage we seek to quieten the mind, calm the emotions and connect with the recipient erotically.  This is why sensual massage will touch you deeper than the average massage.  We are seeking to reach with every part of the recipient. By working through the body in this way, you can improve and affect your spiritual growth.  In Tantra it is said that using sensual touch to quieten the mind is a way of moving us into our Dharmic body.  This is when we are spiritually awake and consciously creating our reality.  

Sensual Massage: Different Textures:

 A typical sensual massage will involve many different types of touch.  Softer caresses help to quieten the mind and calm the emotions.  They open the heart and can be erotic and arousing. Our sexual energy is known as Kundalini energy.  It is our life force energy.  By arousing this type of energy within the body and using different techniques to circulate it we can nourish every cell and organ.  It brings life to our mental and emotional aspects.   Deeper strokes have a grounding effect on the body.  They bring your awareness back into the body.  A sensual massage session in London may include using textures like feathers, brushes, and other implements.  We also use different parts of the hand or body to bring about different sensations.   The finger nails or finger tip.  The full hand.  Sometimes I will use my hair.   Some types of sensual massage are full of soft caresses.  Other types of sensual massage such as Tie and Tease are a combination of soft and sharp sensations.  We will discuss at the beginning of your sensual massage what types of sensations you would like to experience so that your massage feels perfect for you.

Sensual Massage:  Different Types of Touch:

There are many ways to touch someone.  In sensual massage and traditional Tantric massage we use conscious touch.  This means putting all awareness into our fingertips.  We breathe into the texture of the recipients skin, we notice the warmth of their body.  All our focus is put into feeling. The recipient's body reads this as unconditional love.  It creates an energetic circuit which can nourish and enliven.  In conscious touch our intention can be to touch for our pleasure or for our recipients pleasure.  The first type of touch is called absorbing touch.  The second type of touch is called giving touch.  A sensual massage can be made up of a combination of both depending on what feels right for the recipient.  It is beautiful to feel someone appreciating your skin as they touch you.  It is also beautiful to have someone give to you the kind of touch you love.  Both types of touch can be nourishing .  It depends on the type of session and circumstance. 
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