Authentic Tantric Massage, Tie and Tease Massage, Pleasure Coaching and Sexual Healing for Men

  • Are you stressed or in need of some loving, feminine touch?

  • Are you lacking confidence with women?​  

  • Are you sexually inexperienced?​

  • Do you feel you are lacking sensation during sex?

  • Do you have issues with premature ejaculation?

  • Are watching too much porn?

  • Would you like to reconnect with your sensuality & sexuality in a playful & enjoyable way?

Here you will find the sessions I offer to men.   Your shower & consultation time are included within the appointed time:
Please read my Client Etiquette page to ensure I offer what you are looking for.
Deposits required for all sessions booked.
 £130 - 1 hour
 £200 - 1.5 hours       
 £260 - 2 hours                          
 £330 - 2.5 hours                      
 £380 - 3 hours  

I also offer online Sexology sessions via Zoom.  These are priced at 70 per hour.  Please scroll down to find more details.

Not Quite ready for  a Tantra or Sexology session just yet?  Come for a regular massage and a chat.  We can meet and discuss what you'd like to achieve and go from there.  I'm certified in Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue and Swedish styles. 

45 min inc consultation and massage: £50
60 min inc consultation and massage: £65
90min inc consultation and massage: £95 
Kindly note:  These are just regular, fully clothed massage sessions.   

 I am dedicated to assisting men in finding their sexual prowess. 

I am passionate about sexual healing for men.  I would love to help you find new & fun ways to explore and relate to your sexuality.  I would love to help you find new and exciting ways to connect with women, improve your sex & love life whilst h
aving a great time. The sexual healing sessions I offer for men invlove a combination of sensual massage, authentic Tantric massage, Tantric breath work and movement.  My aim is to increase embodiment, heighten your sensitivity and help improve your presence so that sexuality becomes something truly magical and beyond the physical.  I would love to explore things with you that you have curious about.  I would love to teach you how to be a better lover.  I understand that it is difficult at times for a man to find space to speak about things concerning him around sexuality.  The space I offer to you is safe & non-judgemental.  Here you are free to be your authentic self.  Expect my authentic self in return.

Tantric massage london
Authentic Tantric Massage: 

Traditional Tantra teaches us to honour one another as Divine beings.  As God and Goddess.  Tantric massage is about honouring the whole body.  Seven blissful years of Tantra have made me passionate about prescence and the art of conscious, loving touch.  In this session I'll weave soft and delicate caresses and textures together with deep hot oil massage to pamper beyond your wildest dreams. Every area of your body will be covered.  You have nothing to do but relax and receive.   My intention here is to give you the kind of touch you'd experience from a lover. I will teach you ancient Taoist techniques that help you to circulate sexual energy around the body.  This will you nourish your body, mind and spirit and enhance your pleasure. If you like prostate massage, or are curious to try it we can add this to your session too.  My intention here is to leave you walking on air for days after.  

For more information on Tantric massage, you an read my page on the benefits of Tantric massage here:  About Tantric Massage
Tantric Massage London
Sensual Massage London
Bathing Rituals:

The Ultimate Pampering Experience!  Hard day at work? Imagine being lead into a candle lit, scented bath. While you relax, I bathe you in the hot, bubble filled waters.  Next, you are guided through a relaxing  meditation where you'll be blindfolded and given delicious things to smell and taste..  The Traditional Tantric principals are followed here as in every session I offer:  I will be honouring you and your body as Divine Masculine.  This is a beautiful way to awaken your senses and quieten your mind before your Tantric massage. The hot water and steam will warm the muscles of your body, allowing the benefits of the session to penetrate into deeper layers of your body and soul.
Tie and Tease Massage London
Tie and Tease Massage:

Experience delicious elements of BDSM lovingly combined with Tantric or Sensual massage.  The perfect choice for the sensualist.  If you enjoy Tie n Tease Massage or have ever been curious about being a submissive, this might also be the perfect massage for you.  Here are just some of the things that can be included:

Bondage, Biting, Spanking, Sensation Play, Nipple Torture, Foot Fetish, Whipping, Prostate Massage, Teasing, Edging, Flogging, Pegs and Clamps, Face Slapping, Body to Body, Wax Play, Ice Play, Sensory Deprivation,  Domination, CBT, Hair Pulling & Power Play.   

Please see my page About Tie and Tease Massage   for more information on Tie and Tease massage and it's benefits.                                                                 
Pleasure Coaching, Mapping & Healing Bodywork

If you have experienced past trauma that is affecting your erection or you are lacking sensation during sex this may be the perfect session for you.  

  • Learn how to enhance sexual pleasure using breath, movement & touch

  • Learn to move & play with your sexual energy.

  • Increase your capacity for pleasure using breath, sound & movement.
  • Help with premature ejaculation: learn Taoist control techniques to asisst you ejaculatory choice.

  • Watching too much porn?  I have some great hints and tips to help you bring things into balance.

sexual healing for men
Prostate Massage, Anal Mapping and Healing sessions:

In Tantra the prostate is known as the Rosetta or The Rosebud.  The prostate is the male G spot.  There is a lot of pleasure to be found here.  Prostate massage also has fantastic health benefits.  Boosting the blood flow in this area can help reduce the likelyhood of cancer and help with erectile dysfunction.  There can be a lot of shame around this part of the body.  Enjoying the pleasure your G spot can give you has nothing to do with sexual preference!  If you've ever been curious about your prostate or if you've had some health issues with this area in the past this type of massage may be for you.
Pleasure Coaching & Sexology Sessions via Skype/Zoom:

Improve your love life with online Sexology sessions.  In an online Sexology session you can learn about:

Breath Coaching
Pleasure Coaching
Authentic Consent
Sexual Health and Wellbeing
Sexual Anatomy 
Sexual Dysfunction
​Orgasmic Yoga ​  

Online Sexology sessions are £70 per hour

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