Tie and Tease Massage

What is Tie and Tease Massage?

​​​​​The Tie and Tease massage is by far the most sensuous massage experience that I can offer you.  It is one of my personal favourites to give and receive!  Are you a sensation junkie?   In a Tie and Tease massage we incorporate as many different textures and sensations as you can handle.  Once you are showered and relaxed on my couch a delicious selection of feelings will present themselves to your skin.  The softest of caresses.  The sharpest of slaps.  The icy cold prickle of a pinwheel followed by tender kisses.  This delicious combo of soft and sharp sensations will expand the energy around your body leaving you in an aroused state of anticipation.  Your skin will be tingling.  Your body will be relaxed and your mind will be still.  Along with this infusion of sensations will be a deep holistic massage with hot oil tailored specifically for your body. We can target any aches and pains for you.  It can be as soft or firm as you like.  The sensations can be as intense or as calming and subtle as you like.   

Pain and/or Impact Play in Tie and Tease Massage: The Benefits. 

​​Impact play is spanking, whipping, flogging, caning, paddling and anything else that impacts the skin within a BDSM session. It doesn't need to be hard for it to feel good. The rythmical sensation is enough for some people.  We'll get onto the benefits of rythmical impact play in a moment.  Lets talk about pain.  People experience pain in different ways.  For some it is sexual.  For others it is cathartic.  For a lot of us it just hurts! I was one person that never understood pain or impact as a pleasurable sensation.  But once I began to understand it I found that I experienced other kinds of "pain" in life differently to. By pain I mean not just physical, but mental and emotional.  I became less afraid of it. It was no longer something to hide from.  Just another sensation or experience and part of the rich tapestry of life.  Being less afraid of pain was so helpful in my everday life.  I was able to stand more firmly in my power.  A life with less fear is life with more fun! 

The benefits of playing with impact in a Tie and Tease massage can also be similar to using mantra or drumming. The impact does not need to be painful or even sharp.  If the impact is rhythmical it helps to create ecstatic trance states and alpha waves within your brain in the same way as a mantra or drumming can..  Alpha waves asisst the creative flow and beat depression.  In this way, rhythmical beatings can become ecstatic. 

In Tie and Tease massage we can combine impact play and working with the breath to take you to deep states of pleasure.  Mixing this with other sensations will help bring you another step closer to ecstacy.  
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Bondage, Sensory Deprivation and Tie and Tease Massage:

The use of restraints and/or a gag is something that can be included in your Tie and Tease massage.  This can deepen the feeling of surrender.  Many people experience a sense of security when bound in bondage. The experience of the restraints can mimic a sense of being held by a lover.  This can encourage a sense of comfort within the recipient.  It can also feel great to have control relinquished from you in this way if you are a particularly dominant person or in a place of power in your work.

Sensory deprivation is also a powerful additive to your Tie and Tease massage session in London.  Imagine laying on my couch in a relaxed state.  You are blindfolded.  You are wearing headphones playing music to you.  We have previously selected numerous textures and sensations together at the beginning of the massage for you to experience..  You would have no idea what you are to experience next.  It could be some deep massage with hot oil. It could be the sharp crack of my whip or the light caress of a feather.  This aroused state of anticipation you will experience is divine!  Your whole body will be tingling and you will feel so refreshed and enlivened after.  Ready to take on the world.   

These are just some of the most popular ingredients to a Tie and tease massage. But there are lots more!  Please see Sessions for Men  for a full list.
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